Project: ImageBarcode

I’ve assisted on the Image_Barcode project under the PHP PEAR project in 2005, writing modules to support the Code 128 and the UPC-A bar codes.  For those of you not in the know, Image_Barcode writes the black and white bars of the bar code onto an image map in PHP and then returns that image. I originally intended to write an application that would allow me to pull information from a database and generate the barcodes onto a printable page, which could then be scanned using a bar code.

I used to use a HP Laserjet 4 Plus laser printer to do all of my Image_Barcode printing, and a Radio Shack cuecat bar code scanner to test and validate the printed out barcodes.  I have also used a CipherLab scanner to successfully scan UPC and Code 128 barcodes from my modules.

Unfortunately, I’m on a hiatus at the moment because I don’t have a printer capable of printing fine enough lines so my barcode scanners can read the barcodes so I can test.  Inkjet printers just don’t cut it.  If you’d like to provide me with a newer Linux-compatible laser printer, I would be happy to assist or help you with any questions you may have about these two modules.

Here are my updates to Image_Barcode:

These are a few Code Examples of my “Test Pages” if you were curious how to use them.  Maybe some day, I’ll get in there and write some comments.