Crater Lake

Paula and I visited Crater Lake.  Here is a video of the sunset at Crater Lake.  It’s extremely windy, as you can hear.  Paula also weighs in on the temperature!

There are more pictures and narrative below, so keep reading!

Crater Lake Sunset (Clean Version)

After a few hours of driving, Paula and I finally reached Crater Lake.  We parked and walked a short way up to the crater rim and peered over the edge.  This was my first view of the lake, and it was pretty amazing!  The water was just shockingly blue.  The island out in the middle is Wizard Island.  It is named that way because it is shaped like a wizard’s hat.  Beyond it, to the left, is a view of Garfield Peak, where Paula and I hiked later in the day.  Lastly, there is a lump beyond the canyon rim, which I think is Mt. Shasta.

Here is a picture of Wizard Island.  There’s a boat trip that you can take in the lake that lets you get off and hike around the island.  You can see Mt. Scott as the high point on the left side, which is the highest point in the park.  The high lump in the middle is where we watched the sunset.  The high point on the right is Garfield Peak.

Another picture of the lake from another vantage point.  The first picture was up on the far palisade beyond Wizard Island.  The pointy mountain beyond the crater rim is Mt. Thielsen.  I like this picture because you can see the blue of the lake really well, and the trees have a neat contrast.

Here’s another attempt to capture the Crater Lake blue.  As you can see there is still snow out here!  We talked to one of the rangers who told us that the park just opened the rim road the week prior, because they finally got all the snow cleared out.  There were still several trails that were closed because of the snow.

After hiking to the top of Garfield Peak, we paused for more pictures.  Down below, you can see the Phantom Ship, which is the remnants of an old lava dome in the bottom of Mt. Mazama.  Here is Paula checking it out.  The palisade on the opposite center is where we watched the sunset.

I found amusement in building a snowman in July.

Here’s another picture of both of us on the way up to the top, taken by another hiker.

I like this picture of Paula.  This was on the way back down from the top of Garfield Peak.

Here’s our campsite at Crater Lake.   While we set up, were haunted by the Clark’s Nutcracker, a big bird with an even bigger call.  The mosquitoes were mighty up on the mountain.

After we got the camp set up, and roasted some hotdogs, we drove out to the Cloudcap Overlook along the crater rim to watch the sunset.  Here is a still shot of the sunset.  There was a forest fire out on Black Butte that put a lot of smoke in the air, which helps turn the sunsets red.

Here is another shot of the sun.  It got even colder when the sun went down, and the mosquitoes were not afraid of the cold, either so we returned to our tent to sleep and prepare for the next day!

And that did it for Day 1 of the Crater Lake trip!  Hope you enjoyed it.

Next up:  Day 2

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  1. Paula says:

    Well…it WAS cold! Well worth it though