Lucky Day: Steelhead on First Cast!!

First Steelhead of 2008!

First Steelhead of 2008!

I had a very short fishing trip on the Clackamas River, as I managed to catch a summer steelhead on my first cast! It is also my first steelhead of 2008!

Since Paula’s mom was out, Paula asked that I come back from fishing early so we could go to breakfast at the Beavercreek Saloon.  Little did I know that this was going to be one of my shortest fishing trips ever.  Here’s my post on it from ifish

Being a computer guy sometimes means that my weekend plans get screwed up just because some dimwit computer somewhere decides to act up. As a result, I didn’t get to go fishing last weekend! All my coworkers reported that I was cranky all week and that I needed to get out this weekend for everyone’s sake. So, Friday night, I checked all of my gear and looked at the weather forecast for the morning and was feeling good. I got some good salmon eggs and got up extra early to get the sunrise bite. I made some coffee, checked out Ifish real quick and headed down to the Clackamas. I rolled up to VW at sunrise and got on my hip waders and vest and headed down to my favorite spot. I was ready to get fishing!

I was planning on using eggs, but I had a pink worm hooked up for drifting from two weekends ago, so I decided, “what the hell” and made my first cast right out where the fish are supposed to be. Less than two seconds later, my line starts jerking and I knew there was no snags in that spot and my lead was not on the bottom, so I set the hook! Suddenly, this big steelhead comes thrashing to the surface with my worm and splashes back down under water and starts heading downstream toward the ocean! I had to move around some bushes to get to a convenient spot to land the fish, and as I was moving, my thumb hit the button on my casting reel, and suddenly, line was going out, my rod went slack and I had a moment of “what the..?” I realized what I had done and got control again, after exclaiming the obligatory “oh sh**!”, of course! Fortunately, the fish was still on! Then, it leapt clear out of the water and splashed back down and made another run! I was now clear of the bushes and started to pull him in. I was looking for the fin (specifically, the lack thereof) as I pulled him in toward the bank and noticed an injury on his side. Interesting, I thought. I moved closer to tail him, and BAM! another run out into the river. I thought it was worn out at last and pulled it in toward the bank and managed to get the tail and moved toward the shore, had him almost on the bank and suddenly, he starts flopping and flipping and wiggled out of my hand and back out into the river he went! Another expletive as I was SURE he was gone this time, but I guess it supposed to be my lucky day, because the fish was still on. Enough fooling around, this time, I pulled him in, grabbed him and up onto the bank he went!! Then, I realized that was my first cast! Wow!

My Trusty Rod and Reel with the Trophy

Summer Steelhead Buck with my Gear

After tagging him, I was looking more closely at its injuries, and above this gash, there was a slight mark where a tooth had hit above its spine, and then on the opposite side, there were two definite tooth marks, suggesting it had managed to give a sealion the slip. That totally did not surprise me after this fight!

One final picture before he was cut up into nice convenient barbecue-sized pieces! It cut really nice and deep pink and was very delicious! Anyway, I’ve never caught a fish on my first cast before, and this was the best steelhead that I’ve caught so far! As a result, I declare yesterday to have been my lucky day!

4 Responses to “Lucky Day: Steelhead on First Cast!!”

  1. Been enjoying my blog, eh? lol.. Just lots of resources.

  2. Jkb says:

    Absolutely! I really liked the pictures of different parts of the river or stream with the drawings of what kind of water to look for that you might see steelhead lurking in. I admit, I’m not the best at reading the water, so I found it pretty informative! Nice work!

  3. Jkb says:

    Steelhead University has some great maps and descriptions of the Clackamas River, so check those out, too!