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Siletz Coho Salmon

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Siletz Coho Salmon

Siletz Coho Salmon

Hooked a huge Coho Salmon on the Siletz yesterday morning while targeting Steelhead with Paula’s dad, Clark! I’ve never caught a Silver from the bank before, but it was a pretty strong fish for my lighter gear! It absolutely nailed my homemade spinner from behind a rock and did some major thrashing and bent my rod almost totally in half! I’ve seen some pretty big Siletz Steelheads in the past caught from the same spot, so I didn’t immediately think “salmon”. But, once I got it near the bank, I realized from its head that it was not a Steelhead but a Silver (and a wild one at that), so we quickly brought him in, unhooked, aimed the camera and set to release. Anyway, after unhooking him, in the split second we took to snap a picture, my iphone’s digital camera totally didn’t take the picture, and the salmon returned to the deep water, so here’s an “action shot” of what it probably looked like right before the hook up!

I would have loved to have had an actual photo, because that one was an awesome fish! Ah well, we still had a good laugh about it!

Portland Oregon Day of the Dead

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Paula and I went downtown into Portland for some coffee and ran into the Portland Day of the Dead parade–who knew!? They had the hearses and a mummy drum corps. The video is the parade passing by. More pictures below!